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You Shouldn’t Be Working This Hard Without Being Paid For It.

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Are You ready to become a Boss but it’s taking forever?

Listen, we get it, creating, launching, automation, funnels, Marketing & etc… it can all be really confusing when you are getting started and then there’s that thing about finding Clients. It’s no wonder so many new Entrepreneurs just give up after a few months, in fact, only 10% new Brands survive,

But we have discovered that there is a MUCH easier way to to it all, and it doesn’t cost anything to get your start if you do it the right way. We would like to offer you some advice, if you are going to invest in anything invest in TRAINING by someone who’s made all the mistakes.

Fact is, Everything the Big Boys & Girls told us in 2018 doesn’t apply anymore. 2019 brought the Information Providers a whole new system that’s so much easier and cheaper than we learned about in 2018.

That’s why LifePath Business Strategies has created a whole new strategy for Course Creation/ Automated Launch & Social Media Marketing.

We work with Women who are ready to create their Abundance with their own Information Services Business. Our System is so easy that anyone with a good program can reach her Goals and we are proud to offer our signature program Launch in 7 in May 2019

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6 & 8 Week Programs Starting May 2019

We are currently offering our Signature Program Launch in 7 at an introductory price that will never be this discounted again. We are offering this program in 6 & 8 week programs with Live Support, Strategy Meetings, Super Special Bonus Content (8 week course), and a Gift delivered to your door to help you get your new Business started. At Midnight May 26th the Class is full until July 2019 and the price goes up… way up.

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